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With so many opinions in financial news it may be hard to figure out where to start

Interesting Websites

Data Sources

Closed-end Funds – Get otherwise hard to find data and news on closed-end funds.

CNN-fn Bond Center – Provides a screener to find quotes on all types of fixed-income securities.

The Dismal Science – Keep up to date on the recent economic statistics, and read the opinions of their economists.

Dr. Ed Yardeni’s Economics Network

Dow Jones Averages – Interested in the history of the Industrials, Transports, and Utilities? This is a great site with info on how they are calculated, graphs of various time periods, and the events of the time.

Federal Reserve Bank in Print – Search for research papers published by all of the Federal Reserve Banks.  You may search by keyword, author, title, publication date, bank, publication name, or words in the title.

Federal Reserve Banks – This link is a gateway into each of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Web sites.

FedStats – One URL for loads of federal government statistics.

FRED II – Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED) from the St. Louis Fed.  This is a great database of about 800 economic time series.  It’s especially good for historical interest rate series.  Now you can directly download data in Excel format and see graphs of the data.

Ibbotson’s Library – Lots of interesting research.

IPO Resource Page – This page contains lots of info on IPOs, including a great summary of what an IPO is all about, who’s involved, costs of IPOs, and lots of other data.

Invest FAQ – This is the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for the Usenet misc.invest.* newsgroups. This is a large FAQ and contains lots of good info for new and experienced investors.

Investing In Bonds . com – This is the Bond Market Association’s Investor’s Guide to Bond Basics.  Lots of good info on all types of fixed-income securities.

Investor’s Edge

IRS Tax Statistics

Riskmetrics’ RiskGrades – This is a fabulous site for individual investors.  It uses data from Riskmetrics (see next link) to analyze your portfolio’s risk relative to a global portfolio benchmark.  It also has tons of other useful features such as an education center, risk tolerance measurement tool, what-if analysis for your portfolio, and so on.  I highly recommend this site!

J.P. Morgan’s Risk Metrics – Lots of good info on the correlations of world markets, and how to use it for risk management.

Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation – This site contains a lot of economic and demographic information about the Denver Metro area.

NASD Academic Research – NASDAQ data, working papers, short interest, etc.

Public Debt to the Penny – Want to know exactly how much we owe?  Here it is, on a daily basis from the US Treasury.

OANDA Currency Converter – This is a great site because it automatically converts (both ways) between any pair of the 164 currencies that it tracks. Especially nice is the fact that you can get historical forex rates on any date from 1990 to present, and it also can create “cheat sheets” for travelers.

SEC Edgar Form Type Definitions – This is THE place to go if you want to figure out which form is filed for what purpose.

SEC Edgar Ticker Lookup – Find ticker symbols.

SEC Edgar Database – Every electronically-filed form since 1994.

Statistical Resources – Data? You want data?  This site has links to what must be statistics on everything that statistics are collected on. I can’t vouch for any of the data you may find by following these links — remember, “Figures never lie, but liars do figure!”  I can’t even begin to tell you how great this site is for data junkies like me!

Value Line

USA Counties Colorado – Provides tons of demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau on a county by county basis.  You can also get the data for any other state by following this link and choosing the state of interest.  I’d love to find this data by Zip Code instead, so please let me know if it can be had on the Web (free is preferred).


Internal Revenue Service

Tax Resources

The U.S. Federal Tax Code – Searchable!

News & Quotes

BigCharts – Need a customizable chart of your stock? This is the place to go. You can include various technical indicators, and even see intra-day charts (not real time, unfortunately) or historical charts. Also has historical quotes for any day back to January 1988.

Bloomberg Home Page

Bloomberg World Market Summary

Bond Quotes – As of June 2002, we now have much better access to bond market prices.  The sites below are excellent:

  • Bonds Online – This site has a bond screener to help you locate information on over 15,000 bonds (not issuers, unfortunately) of all flavors.   Also has bond news, Treasury yield curve, a bond glossary, and lots of other information.
  • FINRA Bond Market Data (TRACE) – This site reports the prices and yields of all OTC corporate bond trades.  It also has a bond screener that can be used to find bonds, and a glossary of the terms used by the service.
  • The Bond Market Association – This site has a wealth of information about bonds, including the same TRACE pricing data as the NASD site above.  For bond quotes, I prefer the NASD site.
  • Snowgold Date Calculator – This site doesn’t have quotes, but it does have a great calculator that shows the difference between the different day count conventions.  It is a Java application, or you can download a Windows version at the same address.

CBS MarketWatch

Cents Financial Journal – This site has the text of many major economic statistical releases. It is especially strong in the retail sales area, but also has brokerage reports on the economy, commodities, bonds, real estate and Federal Reserve Board reports.

Conference Calls – There are now several sites which allow you to listen in on company conference calls regarding quarterly earnings.  Here are a few that I know of (all of these sites use RealAudio):

  • Investor Broadcast Network – Has conference calls and interviews on “RadioWallStreet.” The site can remind you to listen to upcoming events.
  • StreetFusion – Has both replays and simulcast conference calls.  Replays are usually available for about 3 to 4 weeks after the original call.
  • PR Newswire – This site has the most cumbersome system because it requires you to register for every call.  The good news is that you can apparently lie (I did).  They have the audio of the call and the press release.

CNET Investor – This site is similar to most other sites, but they have one really interesting site: the CEO Wealth Meter.  There you can see how much your favorite CEO’s holdings have increased in value today and find out a lot about their normal annual compensation.

DBC Online

The Holt Report – Details on the day’s market activity

Investor’s Edge Stock Quotes

Island in Action – See the Island ECN live 24 hours/day!  The Java version lets you see an updating display of the market (15 best bids and asks) for a single stock  You can click on an order and get its details, even watch it get completed!  To learn more about Island, go to the main page.

Nando Times Business

Nando News Stock Quotes – This is a great site for story’s about local business.  They currently cover about 55 cities, including Denver.

MarketQuote – Futures, option, and stocks. News, quotes, and charts, oh my!

MoneyNet – By Reuters. This is a very nice site with quotes, company news, charts, option chains (and quotes), and more. Highly recommended.

MSCI Indexes – Morgan Stanley’s famous MSCI indexes, complete with daily, month to date, and year to date returns in both local currency and US dollars.  Similarly, you can get 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year results.   Best of all, you can even get historical data and charts back to the beginnings of the index.  To get the historical data, click on the index name for a chart, and then choose “Download to Excel.”  The charts and data can be viewed in either local currency and US dollars.  Not only that, but you can find out the constituents of each index, the country it is from, and its weight in the index. I love this site!!

MSN Investor – The best quote site bar none! Includes historical price and dividend data, financial statements, analyst expectations, and all kinds of other goodies.  Best of all it free!

Security APL Quote Server

StockCharts – This is a great technical analysis site.  It has HLC, OHLC, and Candlestick charts.  In addition, it has interactive Point & Figure charts which allow you to change the reversal size (but not the box size for some reason).  Also has StockScans which allow you to screen for stocks meeting certain technical criteria.  This is a great site.

StockMaster at MIT – Charts and data updated daily.

StockSmart – This is a good site with lots of free info. Really great mutual fund data. Also allows you to monitor your portfolio for free!

WallStreet City by Telescan – Free Charts and quotes. Lots of other useful stuff that requires a subscription.

The Short-term Stock Selector – Uses a set of neural nets to generate short-term stock selections. Selections are updated daily at 10AM mountain time.

Yahoo! Finance – This is a great site for financial information of all kinds. It includes expected earnings, charts, an economic calendar, and lots more.

Daily Yield Curves – Active Investment Research or Bloomberg. Both are great – Bloomberg provides more traditional x-axis scaling, but its graph is harder to read. Meanwhile, the AIR page provides much more info and its graph is large and easy to read. Both are updated daily.

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